Interactive design

Using latest depth-sensing cameras and array of custom software, globalvision interactive design department enables our clients to control their displays by their very own body movements. Interaction allows to create life-like simulations, with full body representation and complete scenarios. Be it for corporate use or recreational applications, our team blueprint, code and implement software expertise to give life to your projects.

With the rise of IoT, VR and AR displays, globalvision offers a new way to interact with devices and objects. Using Xtion ProKinect / Tango sensors users to showcase products and environments in a truly immersive way, where their body has a presence and triggers actions. Using only body movements, one can completely control the computer and browse any website, play videos, show photos and so forth.

Our in-house technical team offers consulting services and also develops all tools and applications for this type of 3D natural interaction and interactive design setup.

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