UAV / Drone Aerial Services

We capture aerial images for professional applications ranging from cinema to industry.

Professional drone capabilities available from Europe to Asia

Aerial imagery is very trendy at the moment. The demand is increasing from the GIS and mapping professionals as well as the cinematographic, broadcast, industrial and environmental sectors. globalvision offers its customers, both in Europe, Asia and UAE, the professional quality aerial images they expect for their projects. Our fleet of drones (UAV) includes DJI S900, DJI S1000 machines, from both hexacopter and octocopter models, and the latest DJI Inspire 1. Our drones are equipped with Zenmuse Z15 3-axis gimbals and precision ground control. We shoot unparalleled aerial videos in fullHD and 4K and produce 24 megapixels RAW photos. Browse to our sub-section pages for more information about our services.

Aerial video professionals for your drone shootings in Switzerland, UAE and South-East Asia

The team at globalvision cares about all aspects of the aerial video mission, from planning and preparation to the drone shooting and high-definition delivery of images. Our aerial services have been deployed all across Europe and Asia and our images broadcast on TV and extensively on Internet. All of our aerial assignments are performed by globalvision aerial filming crews, with high-quality and high-payload drones.

360° aerial interactive panoramas

Creating a 360° aerial panorama allows for showing an entire scene and all of its surroundings from an elevated perspective. In vogue for tourism promotions, real estates and urban planning, globalvision is capable to handle all kind of 360° aerial projects, from shooting single scenes, to create a fully featured aerial virtual tours.

GIS & Photogrametry based on aerial images

Mapping, geomatic and industry professionals will find a particular interest in our aerial orthophotos. globalvision captures aerial images that are used for GIS, 3D pointclouds and other photogrametric applications.

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