360° Video Production

Well versed in capturing high quality 360° video, globalvision has got skills and hardware to make your immersive VR project a success. We use most recent professional 360° cameras, hence filming all our production in 8k for monoscopic and stereoscopic production. Moreover, we craft virtual reality applications to make your video shine on Oculus head-mounted displays and accross both Android Play store and Apple App store. As such, we maximize the impact of your 360° content and ensure it can be shared with ease wether digitally or for on-site events.

Thanks to our expertise, we find ways to match our customers budgets and expectations. So contact us today to discuss your 360° VR video project.

As we comply to all standards of our industry, our 360° videos can display seamlessly on Oculus Quest, Oculus GoOculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and any other VR headset available on the market today. Moreover, these immersive videos are also available on Youtube 360°, Facebook 360° and Vimeo 360°, thus enabling your campaigns to reach a broad, young and engaged audience.

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360° Immersive Videos

In the past years, 360° videos came to light for public and professionals alike. Our company has been at the forefront, creating such immersive videos for over 15 years, thus serving many prestigious customers across many industries, from transport, to watchmaking, from industrial to architecture and tourism. Consequently, we offer various solutions adapted to each and everyone of these fields, making sure our clients make the best impact for their budget.

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