360° Video Production

Immersive 360° interactive video

globalvision has a unique expertise in the creation of 360° immersive videos and the capture equipment needed to produce 8k stereoscopic images. Drawing on this experience, we offer our 360° video creation services from editing to publication, and support you throughout the entire production of your project. 

360° videos can be viewed with Meta, Pico, HTC or Apple Vision Pro VR headsets. They are also compatible with all general broadcasting platforms, such as YouTube 360°, Facebook 360° and Vimeo 360°.

360° Immersive Videos

Our 360° videos follow classic narrative patterns and are shot in a fairly similar way. We sometimes mount our 360° capture system on vehicles or under a drone, for example. Our 360° videos can also include a wide range of multimedia additions, such as titles and infographics, as well as styling effects, transitions, etc.

In the field of education, but also for professionals, manufacturers and NGOs, 360° videos help your message to resonate. By offering an interactive 360° video, you can guarantee objectivity and involvement. No user will remain indifferent to your immersive content: this is your chance to get noticed!

Used for digital campaigns, events or activation, 360° videos leave an indelible mark on the minds of your audience. This medium allows users to discover your environment for themselves, letting themselves be guided into your reality and adopting your point of view. They are accompanied by a 360° image and ambisonic sound that changes with the direction they are looking at.

Whether on location or indoors, we adapt our solutions to suit your particular situation. We offer a range of filming accessories (cablecam, dolly, drone, etc.) for dynamic images that are as close to the action as possible and will make your production unforgettable.

Our company is one of the European market leaders in 360° immersive video production. This new type of content offers a new perspective: the images become omnidirectional. As the video progresses, every 360° moment can be viewed from every angle, from the camera’s point of view. The user is engaged and active in the image: they take control themselves and live their own experience.

This technology has a wide range of applications, particularly in the fields of entertainment, advertising and security. We offer a wide range of solutions tailored to your needs.

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