Generative AI gallery

Artificial intelligence creation toolsenable quality results in a limited timeframe. Whether using Stable diffusion, Midjourney, Dall-E or Firefly, our clients can harness the power of these to get various creative proposale to choose from. Each of these models have their own strength and flaws. What tool would be the right one for your purpose? We can advise and create depending on your particular requests, from aesthetic aspects to copyright issues. Check some of our past creation in generative artificial intelligence image creation using diffusion models.

Video creation with AI

Creating videos using AI is a game-changer. These generated sequences can be generated based on previous reference images, or created from scratch using text-to-video technique. In both cases they provide an exceptional time – and cost- saver while enabling further creativity and faster deadlines.  Explore our past creations and see for yourself the power of AI applied to videos.


In the following video all elements were creatied using a wide array of AI tools. From scene generation, to voice synthesis and audio background. The human touch was intended to ensure the coherent completion of the project.


This video AI-created by GlobalVision won the “Future of Work” competition, jointly organized by the ITU and TASC.

3D models AI

We use latest generation of 3D diffusion models, capable of creating fully textured objects, readily available to use in prototypes. These AI-generated 3D models offer flexibility and comfort in creation, and allow to reduce the cost of modelization. They also provide valuable creative inputs to test options and gameplays, before possibly moving on to custom model creation.

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