Artificial Intelligence Workshops Customized for Your Needs

Consulting, Equipment Rental, Technical Support

GlobalVision’s Artificial Intelligence workshops are designed for companies and organisations that want to dive into the exciting world of AI. We engage our participants to think creatively and critically about how AI can be used for their own tasks and their own business. We put the business perspective back into the technological marvel.

During our workshops, we detail famous tools (ChatGPT, Claude, Perplexity, midjourney, stable diffusion, deforum…) and we bring all the necessary equipment (computers, screens) to enable captivating demos. For those who want to go further, we can also write specifications for future projects / POC elements and identify the right solutions for the missions.


We adapt our services to work with a wide range of software solutions, such as:


1. [ChatGPT]
2. [Claude]
3. [Perplexity]
4. [Midjourney]
5. [Stable Diffusion]
6. [Deforum]


we’ll advise on the best platform for your use case, create custom accounts and avatars for your attendees, and make sure everyone is ready to join and participate on the big day.


If you’re planning your next workshop and want to reap the benefits of AI, get in touch with our expert team at GlobalVision to find out more about our AI workshop service. We’ll work with you to make your next AI workshop a complete success.

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In the world of artificial intelligence, GlobalVision is your trusted partner. With our technical expertise and innovative solutions, we help elevate your AI workshops to the next level. Contact us today to start planning your next AI workshop.

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