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Professional video equipment rental in Geneva, Switzerland

With globalvision, you can be sure of a high-quality visual result that meets your expectations in every respect. We have many well-known clients (see references) and dozens of projects to our credit. globalvision takes care of all the visual communication for your private or public events (trade fairs, galas, conferences, inaugurations, etc.). You can hire these services with or without a technical team anywhere in Switzerland and Europe on request.

Streaming / Webcasting and Live Display on Internet

globalvision offers a professional live online streaming service for your video and multi-camera feeds, that ultimately reaches a worldwide audience. We manage the setup of complete hardware and software solution to allow for the display of your streaming onto your very own website or to those of your partners.


The live streaming / webcasting solution offered by globalvision is entirely configurable and scalable. We design a video player that fits to your corporate identity (color chart, logo, etc) and we allow tens and thousands of simultaneous viewers to access it.

Our streaming service in Geneva is especially adapted for assembly, conference, corporate meeting, shareholders committee and general assembly. Our customers can also request the complete audiovisual production services offered by globalvision.

2D/3D Animation 

With its 2D/3D animation service, globalvision creates complete animations for your presentations and promotional films. The sequences created can be integrated into your institutional media or broadcast via social networks.


  • 2D animation production 

Submit your ideas, projects and storyboards, and we’ll use them as a basis for the entire editing and production of your animated video clip. The animations we produce include photos, videos and background music to accompany and punctuate your presentation.


  • 3D animation

Our 3D modelling processes give your animated films a real look and feel, ensuring a positive reception from your audience. We make films for the web and for corporate presentations. Our films are adapted to the quality required by the customer, up to full-HD 3D animation (1920×1080).

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