Video production

We offer wide-range of products and services and we guarantee the highest quality for each

Streaming / Webcasting and Live Display on Internet

globalvision offers a professional live online streaming service for your video and multi-camera feeds, that ultimately reaches a worldwide audience. We manage the setup of complete hardware and software solution to allow for the display of your streaming onto your very own website or to those of your partners.

The live streaming / webcasting solution offered by globalvision is entirely configurable and scalable. We design a video player that fits to your corporate identity (color chart, logo, etc) and we allow tens and thousands of simultaneous viewers to access it.

Our streaming service in Geneva is especially adapted for assembly, conference, corporate meeting, shareholders committee and general assembly. Our customers can also request the complete audiovisual production services offered by globalvision.

Rent Professional Video Equipment for Video Shoots and Events

From our office in Geneva, Switzerland, globalvision offers all kind of production and video services. We propose all range of hardware and devices to capture your interviews or video footages: we have all necessary material, expertise and personnel you need for your project.

globalvision services are available to rent with or without staff to serve. Shall you need a complete team, with cameramen, producer, or simply the rental of material, we guarantee the delivery, edition, preparation and satisfaction with devices, personnel and results. Our material is for rent from a duration of a day, to several weeks. For more information, please contact globalvision for video solution.

2D/3D Animation 

With our complete and professional 2D / 3D animation service, globalvision create all projects types for your corporate and event productions. The clips can be integrated on your company’s promotional material and spread out on the social networks.

  • 2D animation production 

Our animations can integrate in a original and esthetic fashion your existing photos, videos and ambient sounds to create a dynamic and good-looking animation. This kind of animation is often users for conferences, corporate videos and special anniversaries. It allows to mix various sources of images with textual and factual information, allowing to describe your products, your history and the people who made it.

  • 3D animation

To model 3D animation movies, every scene and every object you can see is modeled with great care using a specialized software and the output is done in such a way that guarantees a photorealistic result of all textures appearing on images. Our 3D processing routine makes sure that your 3D animation will look like real scenes and get a warm welcome by your audience.

Natural Interaction

globalvision introduces a new kind of man-machine interaction. We bring a key science-fiction tool to life and make it available to our customers, by offering them the ability to control their computer using their body. No touch-screen, no mouse, no keyboard. This technology allows speakers and presenters to showcase their products and demos in a fun and innovative way that will impress your audience and set a new standard for presentations in your sector. Only using body movements, one can completely control the computer and browse websites, play videos, show photos and so forth.

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