Aerial Drone Videos

Professional Aerial Video Crew to Hire for Filming in 4K

When it comes to professional broadcast quality drone filming, you need to rely on solid partners, with experience and quality equipment. We offer an unique know-how in the field of aerial images, with various commercial projects and broadcast TV appearances.

When you hire globalvision drone crew, you enjoy having a professional dedicated crew, with insightful ideas and initiative. We plan missions, then fly and make them successful. We served commercial partners, newspapers and television channels and we operate our services worldwide. 

Drone Deployment in Europe and Asia

At globalvision we use cutting-edge broadcast drones for shooting in either fullHD or 4K for cinematographic-grade production. All of our equipment is available worldwide and our customers can enjoy this high-quality service from our offices in Europe and Asia.

The flight plan can be set from our ground station: using a digital map and a touchscreen, one can see the terrain and plan for various waypoints and imaging angles. Using GPS coordinated flight for the drone, and setting precise altitudes offers for perfect scene preparation and timely happenings. The producer or the customer can control the video in live by using our downlink system.

For every of our deployment, a pilot and an imaging operator are performing the mission and ensure awesome drone images for your drone project. Our professional UAV flights are coordinated with local authorities, Skyguide, OFAC and a drone-specific insurance for damages up to 5 millions Swiss Francs.

Broadcast and Live TV Capabilities

For broadcasters and TV professionals reporting in Switzerland, globalvision offers live fullHD 1080p downlink with SDI professional output. A TV station can easily broadcast live images coming from our machines for drone live video coverage.
Using globalvision services you enjoy state-of-the-art technology that is served by qualified professionals. We offer the capability to lead aerial and video projects from start to finish with whole crew and own broadcast material readily available.
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