Street View

We create the 360° Streetview images for your surface

Capture 360° Street View panoramas for GIS applications

The geo-referenced streetview panoramas (streetview GIS) created by globalvision enable coordinates to be coupled with 360° panoramic shots. It’s an immersive vision at ground level for professional GIS (Geographic Information System) applications in civil engineering, industry and defence. This application completes our range of 360° services for institutional, public and industrial players.

At globalvision, we are no strangers to these processes, having achieved several notable successes in this field, including the world’s first platform dedicated to “VideoStreetView” (website, press release, wikipedia). This ground-breaking project (2008) once again demonstrated globalvision‘s capacity for innovation.

With extensive experience in this field, our services are based on three key areas:


      1. 360° streetview production consultancy (system, vehicle, processing)
      2. Production of streetview 360° photo or video captures
      3. Licensing our immersive viewing and management platform

The quality of the images produced means that we can meet all requirements, from very high definition to online broadcast in reduced quality. Our captures are automatically taken in very high definition, in native 8K format, so they can be exported flexibly, tailored to the needs of your project. Images can be distributed within your standard GIS application, via Google Maps, or on a dedicated application.

Field of Use of Street View Technology

Opt for a dedicated solution, integrated into your ESRI / ArcGIS system or web-accessible, which increases the speed of analysis and decision-making, offers a realistic human-scale perspective and limits the costs of repeated inspection. By creating geo-panoramas and inserting them into your mapping applications, you can quickly and easily share geo-spatial information by combining it with visible reality.

StreetView geo-panoramas are used for:


        1. Site preparation and public works
        2. Inspection of tunnels and aqueducts
        3. Archiving road and motorway sections
        4. Property development and civil engineering
        5. Analysis operations for the oil and gas industry
        6. Analysis of installations on Mapping of defence installations
        7. Mapping of defence installations
Streetview capture vehicle for private plots

Streetview capture vehicle for private plots

The streetview capture vehicle can be used to create numerous panoramas of outdoor paths and open spaces. By combining heightened vision with the vehicle’s high degree of mobility, these viewpoints, created in large numbers and automatically, are ideal for capturing the entire spatial character of a small- to medium-scale open space (industrial zone, local neighbourhood plan, development zone, construction site, etc.).

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