AR: Basic App Creation (3-5 days)


This item is for the creation of a simple AR app, intended for one model display and interactive movement of user around.
The app is marker-based and will be activated once camera can detect that triggering element.
The provided interactive 3D model will blend into scene.
User can zoom in and out using fingers, or Moving closer to the marker.

The logo of client appears at the launch of the app, as well as bottom-right during the experience.
By touching the logo, the user will be redirected to client’s website or chosen URL.

Additional AR and appfeatures: 
Please note, many other options and modules are available, including custom-coding of special functions. These elements extend beyond the scope-of-work of a simple AR development described above. This will be gladly discussed by our team upon request.


Augmented Reality (AR) app creation for Android or iOS platforms (phones / tablets).
This fee is including the following:
-Coordination and guidelines.
-Custom app-launch button.
-Customization of standard app (main colours, logo, wording).
-Menu with customer logo visible at startup.
-Debugging of app.
-Packaging of finalized file.

Export of app as .apk or .ipa file to be either:
-Installed on local devices
-Published on the official Google Playstore or App Store

Lead-time: 3-5 days

-Remove all GlobalVision authors credentials: +450.-
-Additional basic function: +200.-
-Additional special function: +360.-
-Custom development (interactivity, polls, saving, special features): Based on script

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