New technologies offer new possibilities to inform, showcase, demonstrate and overall impress your clients, partners and employees. GlobalVision expertise in augmented reality cover all areas, from mobile AR to webXR. Because we master the technical aspects, we enable our clients to plan for realistic and budget-wise projects.

Partnering with GlobalVision for your next augmented reality projects ensures your brand covers all aspects of such complex project, from creative inputs, to defining the guidelines and technical specifications, down to proper design, coding and implementation of your AR project. Our dedicated team ensures your solution is consistent with stated goals and expected quality.

All of our Augmented Reality experiences are typically triggered by scanning a marker (QR code, logo, photo, …) or an object (model, 3D print, lifesize object).
Alternatively, we also offer markerless AR apps, allowing to display the augmented material without the need to scan any object or marker.

We create augmented reality applications for all main AR platforms:
1) Augmented reality application for Android
2) Augmented reality application for Apple IOs
3) WebXR augmented reality experiences directly in the browser

The experiences we previously delivered have been created internally by our team of designers and interactive developers, upholding on our promess of managing your project under one roof. However, when so needed, we also link with other partners (architects, urbanists, planners,…) to ensure a smooth communication and efficient work.

Whether you need to prepare a proof-of-concept (POC) or a fully-fledged AR app, we can certainly help you create your virtual showroom, your product catalogue or your next configuration tool. Our experience is the guarantee for your success; contact GlobalVision today regarding your AR concept.

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