SimMan 3G in 360° immersive photo

In the medical environment, to train doctors, nurses and surgeons, SimMan 3G is a high-tech dummy, reproducing the behaviours of the human body, in full compexity and imprevisibility. This subject is the theme of the new edition of Pulsations magazine, edited by the HUG.

GlobalVision produce 360° pictures of the simulation environment and allows the interested parties to understand better this complex situation and the roles of everyone therein. Creating 360° immersive photos in a medical facility or hospital requires technical and practical competencies adapted to the situation. GlobalVision is well experienced in this field and uses its expertise for the Geneva University Hospital to capture high quality images that are then used in their various communication channels: iphone/ipad apps, website and magazine printed edition.

To create 360° immersive photos in medical environment, contact GlobalVision Communication.

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