360° Aerial Virtual Visit Technology

Aerial maps just got a lot more visual and immersive with a brand new 360° mapping technology out of Switzerland:

From an altitude of 100 meters above ground, turn yourself all around the scenes. Move to dozens of scenes just as if you were a bird. Many wikipedia-sourced articles enhance the platform and give more information on particular buildings and elements around.
GlobalVision Communication (http://www.globalvision.ch) is the swiss company who originated this project.

It specializes in 360° immersive technologies and offers full-range of immersive video and streetview mapping. The company is an official Google Business View partner and 360° mapping solution provider.

“We are an award-winning company, offering unique services for companies and industrial facilities. 360° panoramic imagery is a booming sector in which we have gathered more than 15 years experience and a unique insight. To satisfy our customers demands, we are driving our own R&D efforts from our two offices in Europe and Asia”, said Jan-Mathieu Donnier, GlobalVision CEO.

The company serves industry leaders, such as Mozilla foundation, Google Business Photos, and large-scale public services company and public institution, for urban development, industrial safety and environmental care.

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