UNHCR Nansen Award 2013

The attribution of Nansen Refugee Award recogniyes every year since its inception in 1954, the achievements of a key contributor in this field. It it a unique occasion to gather all major figures, whether they are NGOs, international organisations, or national institutions,

During the ceremony help September 30th, 2013 at the Batiment des Forces Motrices in Geneva, all guests could look at a visual review of the actions led on the field during the current year, thanks to the display of GlobalVision’s high-definition animations on all screens of the room. Especially, those screens helped to feature the works of Nansen Refugee Award 2013 recipient, Sister Angélique Namaika, from Democratic Republic of Congo.

GlobalVision Communication is proud to participate to such a noble and esteemed cause as the one defended by the UNHCR and Nansen Award laureate, for the 4th consecutive year.

To request for quality visual animations, please contact GlobalVision through our dedicated page.

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