Congress video Imagine 2013

When Nestlé Purina gathers its executives for a training seminar, it is with GlobalVision that it ensures for complete and quality photo- and video-report.

And the mandate was up to the gathering: take pictures and film the participants during three day, then create a complete video to showcase the axis of training and the activities during the seminar… Then finalize and showcase the video at the closing of the event, so that all participants can enjoy it before returning to their respective countries.

With hundreds of pictures, interviews and various footages, it is a new and exciting challenge successfully concluded by the teams of GlobalVision, and to the satisfaction of our customers. It also shows the capability to set-up new and innovative corporate videos, with a really quick turnover for a maximum impact on the viewers.

Contact GlobalVision for the capture and edition of your videoreport and corporate movies.

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