Ninatrans – Best EU Road Transport Operator

For the second time, the International Road Union asked for globalvision‘s services in order to realize a video presentation of Nina Trans. This Belgian company won the first price ”Best EU Road Transport Operator” in 2014, organized by IRU.

In order to show a modern image of the company, globalvision made a project in two parts :

  1. The first part is the creationof a dynamic video that presents the entreprise. It is composed by the interviews of the directors, Benny Smets (CEO) and Nina Smets (CFO) his sister, and the team members.
  2. The major information about the enterprise are shown in motion tracking. It gives interactivity to the video. Furthermore, some 360° aerial panoramas realized with professional UAV were used for this movie.


  3. The second part is a 360° virtual tour inside Nina Trans’ buildings. This virtual visit presents the workplace of Nina Trans’ employees. Some hotspots or point of interest are used to give more information about the enterprise. One can move freely from the top to the bottom and from the left to the right.

If you want a dynamic corporate video presentation of your entreprise, simply contact globalvision.

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