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The Radio Television of Switzerland broadcast a report incorporating images filmed by drones of globalvision Asia Southeast. In this report of the “Nouvo” emission, it is question of our realizations of unique tourism images created for the account of one of our clients, a major tourism promotion company operates in more than 11 countries in Asia southeast.

Find below the story or click the link to visit the website of the emission

<video src=”http://media.tsr.ch/xobix_media/tsr/nouvo/2014/DNEB/news324.m4v” width=”480″ height=”270″ controls poster=”http://www.nouvo.ch/sites/default/files/imagecache/thumb_main_video/images/videos/2014/03/dneb_0.png”></video>

If you also want to take high quality aerial images for one of your projects,including a professional drone and an advanced capture hardware, trust services of globalvision and contact us without delay.

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