Florimont Institut – 360° Aerial Panoramic Perspective


The Florimont Institute is one of the oldest and most respected private school in Geneva, Switzerland, one that provides a comprehensive education from kindergarten to the University. Naturally, Florimont has chosen globalvision to capture a breath-taking 360° panoramic view from the air and craft its high-resolution 360° virtual tours around the school campus.

Using this professional aerial image and virtual tour service, offered by globalvision‘s office in Geneva, Switzerland, visitors of Florimont are able to review school facilities from an aerial perspective, and then move to the ground to explore the school as if one were on-site. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, or wherever in the world, the school is now only a few clicks away.

Contact us now for booking your next aerial shooting or create amazing 360° panoramic photos seen from the sky.

Visite Florimont virtual tour on the official school website

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