Gimbale 3-axis Gyro-stabilized

globalvision now offers to rent a 3-axis gyro-stabilized gimbale for achieving your moving images. Proposed during our shooting or for rent to our customers, the gimbale ensures scenes perfectly stabilized, including during eventful scenes.

Acting as the “Steadycam” legacy, this gimbale offers an active movements correction undergone by the camera and automatically compensates each of them, on any axis, thanks to its 4 high-power engines without friction including 2 motors to allow the lift of professional cameras (RED Epic, Sony XDCAM HD, etc).

Allowing to put imaging devices of different capacities, this gimbale 3-axis will return to your production plan and greatly improve the visual quality of your images. The following cameras can be used in particular: 

  • Canon 5D mark II and Canon 5D mark III
  • Nikon D4 and Nikon D4s
  • Sony XDCAM HD (PMW100)
  • RED Epic
  • and more…

If you want to rent a 3-axis gyro-stabilized gimbale for your broadcast shooting project, contact globalvision now.

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