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VietnamGolf is Vietnam’s first 36-holes golf course and one of the most respected in the country. In addition to an high-quality infrastructure, it is located in a luxuriant area, in the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh city. Its service standard is the highest and its requirements are particularly demanding, especially when it comes to its website management and online booking and reservation.

Moreover, the Golf course was recently accompanied by bordering luxury villas, the so-called “LakeView Villas“. The golf’s website was also intended to promote those villas and offer them space and visibility on the main website.

For the complete redesign of website, VietnamGolf & Country Club decided to contract services from GlobalVision multimedia to ensure for quality graphic design and coding, so as to make a real change and make the contents of website more dynamic and enhance the navigation and architecture. Additionally, a few 360° photos have also been added to make contents more alive and allow for visitors to immerse themselves into the Vietnam golf environment.

Visit now the Vietnam Golf & Country Club.

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