Eau de Paris streetview

Underground streetview mapping

Eau de Paris is the public utility in charge of water supply and distribution for all of the city of Paris, France. Within the regular course of their scheduled maintenance, EDP mandates globalvision to help in the technical assesment of their tubes in 360° underground-streetview.

Using globalvision‘s unique expertise in 360° streetview collection, EDP finally gets a complete and up-to-date archive of its underground system and will use this for its own risk assessment and degradation analysis. An entirely new system was developped, allowing to run our 360° immersive streetview captures with no GPS-fix and using battery-powered lighting system only. This 360° indoor mapping system is ready for deployment in any confined- or indoor environment and allows to map several kilometers per day. 

globalvision is the leading company for 360° mobile mapping on three levels: underground, surface and aerial. Contact us today to discuss your very own streetview mapping project for urban, industrial or security mapping.

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