Visit Ecolint in 360°

The International School of Geneva (Ecolint) joins GlobalVision services to achieve the virtual 360° HD visit for all of its 4 campus. The famous private school, the largest French-speaking Switzerland, allows parents and future students to see all the buildings and grounds as if they were.

GlobalVision 360°proposes to private schools and educational institutions the realization of 360° immersive virtual visits of quality for the development of infrastructure. Pioneers in this sector and the benefit of a unique experience, our company knows implement photographic processes that help promote the image of our clients on the Internet and in their digital communication.

To achieve virtual tours, GlobalVision discusses with the client the purpose of the platform, make the 360° shooting process and make the whole design and programming in-house, using the skills of our experienced specialists. GlobalVision only benefits from the expertise required for a project of this type with delays and cost control from start to finish.

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