Aerial Video Live on Broadcast TV

globalvision successfully concluded today a broadcast of its aerial video live on television, in partnership with Léman Bleu Television, the television channel of Geneva city, Switzerland.

On December 5th, 2015, after getting duly authorized for drone flights by state police and air-traffic controllers, globalvision sent its drones in the air, and was able to establish a downstream connection that ultimately allowed for the live broadcasting of the event on Léman Bleu TV. The event covered is none but the biggest public running event in Switzerland, “Course de l’Escalade” – The Escalade Race in Geneva, is by far the mostpopular sporting event that is held every year in December, in the Old town of Geneva for more than 42,456runners.

The video produced afterwards has also been published by two of the main newspapers in french-speaking Switzerland, 20 minutes and Tribune de Genève.

globalvision once more demonstrates that when it comes to high-quality image production and professional broadcasting service, it sets itself a name – and provides its partners with the high-impact images they have been looking for.

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