Natural interaction 3D sensing

GlobalVision multimedia introduce a new kind of man-machine interaction. We bring a key science-fiction tool to life and make it available to our customers, by offering them the ability to control their computer using their body. No touch-screen, no mouse, no keyboard. Have a look at our demonstration video and see it for yourself:

This technology has been developed and brought to market by GlobalVision multimedia division, using XtionKinect sensors. It allows speakers and presenters to showcase their products and demos in a fun and innovative way that will impress your audience and set a new standard for presentations in your sector. Only using body movements, one can completely control the computer and browse any website, play videos, show photos and so forth. It certainly has big market implications for retail stores, malls, brands seeking for innovative advertisement to engage the customers.

The softwares in our catalgue have all been developed by our team, specially adapted for this type of 3D natural interaction setup. We offer beautifully designed photo and video galleries, information kiosks, advertisement tools, interactive products catalogues and e-commerce solutions.

Contact-us today to enquire about setup of 3D natural interaction tools for your business and events.

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