Photocall Perrier-Jouët

 Photocall Perrier-Jouët champaign

The pretigious champagne brand Perriet-Jouët, organized and event in the famous Gstaad Palace. They hired globalvision, a visual communication agency to ensure a hight quality photography service (shooting and photo animation).

globalvision installed a photo studio to realize a photocall with the colors and the visual identity of Perriet-Jouët. They offered to their guests an occasion to interact with their products and an amazing memory of their nights.

globalvision provides mobiles photo studios to brands and entreprises. The studios can be customized with the visual identity of each entreprises. Therefore, they can promote their images and their products.

By associating with a professional photo agency, our clients make sure to get a result conformed of their wishes. This will make the enchantment of their clients, employees and partners.

Contact us to book a photo studio for your next events in Geneva or elsewhere in Swiss Romande.

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