360° for Swiss Development Group

Swiss Development Group is a real estate developer active in the realization of prestige projects throughout Switzerland. Based in Geneva, the Group wished to associate the services of GlobalVision for achieving 360° HD panoramas of its contructions in progress, including the “51 ° Spa & Residences” project located in Loèche-les-Bains, in the canton of Valais.

GlobalVision produce panoramas of the construction site, to inform the various parts of the progress and also allowing the integration of 3D models in immersive views.

Moreover, GlobalVision also deploys its technology to make a 360° aerial panorama over 30 meters above the ground. The realization of a immersive aerial picture is a first time and allows you to view the entire field from the sky, same time as the whole environment. This achievement is integrated fully into our development focus: provide our customers with technical innovations at the height of their projects and the extent of their ambitions.

GlobalVision is a leading agency in Switzerland in achieving of panoramas and 360° immersive content. Our agengy produces 360° photos, immersive 360° videos, virtual visits and all cross-medias contents based on interactive images.

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