Streaming kit for live webcasting

GlobalVision is now offering a complete streaming kit for rent, so that you can handle this yourself at a minimum cost and maximum flexibility. With those convenient and pre-configured kits you can webcast your event in a really easy fashion and include these on your very own website, blog or even on Facebook. And there is no time limit or users connections limit: go live and show your feed to the entire world.

Every one of our live streaming kits contains a full HD video camera, an encoding device for compressing and streaming and a stabilized tripod and mount for steady images whether you want to capture mobile or static footages. The entire system can be battery powered and last for about 1.5 hours with no external power supply.

This solution is the perfect match for all people and companies seeking for a complete, robust and reliable system for their webcasts. You can use our streaming solution for private and corporate events, and the use is extremely wide, such as: 

  • Official ceremony streaming
  • Graduation ceremony streaming
  • Religious celebrations streaming
  • Wedding ceremony and party streaming
  • Conferences, allocutions and keynote speeches
  • Burial and interment streaming

The streaming of your events is made over the Internet and our kits can be connected by RJ45 cables or wifi. As an option, it is also possible to rent our 3G transmission devices, allowing for a completely autonomous operation and a resilient solution. There is virtually no limits to your streaming capability.

All of the kits offered are extensibles and numerous accessories can complete, such as wired and wireless microphones, lights, mixing tables, etc.

Contact us today to enquire for your next events and reserve your live streaming kit.

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