Teleprompter service

In a serie of high-profile conferences and events held at the United Nations and in various international organizations, GlobalVision was in charge of setting up and running its professional teleprompter system. The type of prompter made it a great tool for enhancing the overall quality of speeches and help them get more “broadcast friendly” by allowing the speaker to keep the head up, facing the cameras.

Among the many VIP and officials, we served the follozing key-speakers:

  • United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon
  • Switzerland President, Mrs. Evelyne Widmer Schlumpf
  • Rwanda President, Mr. Paul Kagamé

Also, we served various internationally recognized artists for their press conferences and speeches:

  • Mr. Quincy Jones
  • Ms. Shakira

Our professionnal teleprompter system is operated by our conference team who is able to deliver, install and operate the devices. The whole unit is operated from a distance and the motorized poles allow for several speakers to use the teleprompter in a same event .

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