VideoStreetView hits Dubai

GlobalVision has recently concluded the mapping of several hundred kilometers in Dubaï (United Arab Emirates) for future inclusion on the world’s first full-motion video geoimmersive on www.VideoStreetView.com. Dubaï city is well known for having a very excentric architecture and pharaonic real estate projects, soon to be watched online in 360° geo-referenced immersive video.

Mapping Dubai is a major new step in the project and we are proud to realize the very first project of this kind in the Middle-East.

All images captured are fully controlled by the users, who can pan-tilt and turn around in any direction in order to discover the surrounding environment. While you move anywhere, the video continues on playing allowing for a “virtual drive by” of a new generation. Do you want to discover more? Just click on another street in the map, or check for that particular one you have been told about in the dynamic list of available streets. It is a fun and easy way to promote e-tourism.

Creating the world’s first VideoStreetView, GlobalVision mapping team had already covered several thousands kilometers in Switzerland, raising considerable electronic and print-media interest, bnoth from the experts and from the public.

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