HUG Maternity Virtual Tour 360°

The Maternity University Hospital of Geneva is the largest and most modern medical institution in Switzerland, which recently, its 360° tour on internet, has been using virtual visit by GlobalVision 360°.

In the line of collaboration between HUG and GlobalVision since 2012, which allows the public to visit 360° different services in every issue of Pulsations magazine, the maternity gets a complete 360° virtual tour at the height of its importance and allows to visit from his many care units as well as its various delivery rooms.

Future parents can therefore have a clear idea of all the environment before set foot on site. Saving considerable time and less stress for parents, and a true appreciation image for the medical establishment.

GlobalVision 360° creates virtual hospital visits, with unique expertise and a true experience of the medical field. All virtual visits are individually decorated with the colors of our customers and allow broadcast many auxiliary information, or propose PDF files, contact forms.

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