Agenda management interface

GlobalVision Multimedia releases the final version of its calendar, real estate and human resources management  interface. This all-encompassing system allow for one platform to centralize all crucial information a business needs for efficient management of resources.

The system can be fully personnalized to match clients needs. It is multi-users, integrates an advanced right-management allowing for differential access to available information, can manage a complex agenda and monitor personnel assignements and duties. Administrators can access to detailed reports categorized by people / places / days / type of activities / material involved, and interact with personnel on duty using a wide range of tools and communication means.

The interface is multi-platform. The website is W3C compliant and designed with all latest standards in mind. It works for all web-browsers  (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox) and all operating systems (Mac, PC, Linux). 

Additionnally, the system is optimized for all popular mobile terminals and smartphones (Iphone, BlackBerry and Android). Our platform also stands for javascript-less browsers and the is perfectly displayed whatever device the viewer might use.

Finally, the system has been designed for multiple possibilities in communicating the infromations as it can be browsed trough the online access, can send email reminders, but can also export enriched information and send them trough SMS or MMS to all desired recipients. 

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