Anfasic webdesign

Anfasic Dokhoonis one of the leading perfumes and cosmetics brand in the United ArabEmirates and all over the Middle-East, with retails in Dubai, Abu Dhabi,Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. After having created 360° immersive images and virtual tour for all of the Anfasic shops last year, GlobalVision was commissioned to create an entirely new web platform to feature the brand, its products and the various retails it owns. The website can be readily accessed on www.anfasicdokhoon.com

The website has been carefully planned and designed to integrate 360° immersive pictures of the shops, alongside with mapping of their locationand required information pertaining to their activities, such asopening hours and necessary contact information. This involved settingup a complete shop management system as well as a product interface to manage products, categories of products and allow for creation or modification of individual items.

In order to allow for better spreadability of information, we integratedseveral ways to interact with the major, and most popular socialnetworks, such as facebook and twitter.

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