CFE website creation

The Club for Women Entrepreneurs is the leading organization for business leaders from all of Switzerland, and affiliated to FCEM, the Worlwide Federation of Women Entrepreneurs.

Pursuant to its desire to refresh its image, the association naturally requested the expertise of GlobalVision Multimedia to completely redesign and restructure the website, so that it better match expectations of their users, members and managing comittee. The mission assigned to GlobalVision’s graphic designers and programmers was to “re-adjust the image” and help making the website structure more easy to navigate and the content more efficiently organized. so as to make the website a valuable resource for existing members as well as prospective members.

Entirely created using an open-source framework, CFE website is modulated around an efficient Content Management System (CMS), very efficient but yet easy to handle. Using this, the website becomes very flexible and the administrators in-house can easily update and add new contents on the website, adding the texts, images and PDF documents for their relevant pages.

Conceived as a completely bilingual website for french and english version, the website can manage all components such as images, texts and downloadable contents in two languages.

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