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3d, architecture, Archviz, floorplan, real estate
About This Project

3D building renovation visualization


We were thrilled to collaborate with an international real estate firm based in Geneva, Switzerland, to create a 3D architectural visualization showcasing potential renovation concepts for an existing building. Our aim was to help stakeholders visualize the potential outcomes of the project and we are proud to say that our high-quality images helped us achieve this mission successfully.


Our team of experienced 3D designers used cutting-edge technology to produce realistic, high-definition 3D renders that brought the renovation concepts to life. By leveraging our expertise, we were able to create a visual representation of the proposed designs that allowed stakeholders to see and understand the potential of the project.


We understand that it can be difficult to visualize a project’s outcome without seeing it first-hand, and that’s why we take pride in delivering 3D architectural visualizations that provide a clear and realistic representation of the proposed design. Our high-quality images not only help stakeholders visualize the possible outcomes but also assist in making crucial decisions by giving a better sense of what to expect.


Our 3D architectural visualization of the renovation concepts is a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative and creative solutions that exceed client expectations. We are proud to have contributed to this project and look forward to collaborating on more exciting ventures in the future.

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