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Customer: Kudelski Security


Brief summary:
Kudelski Security, part of Nagra Group, is a global player offering state-of-the-art facilities for IoT devices softwware development and security testing.
Exhibiting for the first time at Milipol, among the largest security and defense exhibition worldwide, Kudelski Security wanted to showcase its “White Noise” line of products, with special emphasis on collaboration with Sennheiser. Organized in Paris, France, under patronage of government agencies. It is an occasion not to be missed for every major player in the defense and security industry.


At this occasion, Kudelski Security introduces its complete “White Noise” suite of software and hardware products to turn regular phones into encrypted devices. GlobalVision is tasked to reveal these products in a 3D product video, showcasing every element, rotating it, possibly revealing its internal components, and empasizing on their unique selling points and strong capabilities.



On the lookout for professional corporate video services, with a capability to script, film and deliver within very short deadlines, Kudelski resorted to GlobalVision as its corporate video partner.
In jst about 2 weeks, we were able to coordinate with team of both Kudelski and Sennheiser, draw a creative brief, prepare intial 3D draft renders and submit them for approval, then create the proper video and finalize it.

All ready on time, and great feedback from both employees and booth visitors.
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Official white noise microsite

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