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About This Project


For M-3 group, the company spearheading the various activities of the group – whether real estate, architecture, F&B or hospitality- GlobalVision is tasked to design and produce 1300+ virtual reality headsets to be delivered to a host of M-3 business relationships. The particularity of these headsets is the fact they do not rely on a particular brand or ecosystem, but rather on each owner’s individual phone.


The hard-plastic shells we offered are designed in two parts. The main VR headset d straps, and a sliding panel at the front. This sliding element allows anyone to put his very own phone inside the sliding part, hence freeing the user from using only one platform, but opening many instead.


Users can easily browse any type of 3-Degrees-of-Freedom (3-DOF), whether it is 360° videos, 3D clips or even immersive VR games on mobiles.


The custom-made VR headsets have been distributed to the group’s customers, partners and media and provided an excellent year-end gift, to surprise, to amaze and to leave a long-lasting impression of technicity.

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