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About This Project

M-3 VR Headsets production

For the M-3 group – the company overseeing the group’s various activities in real estate, architecture, F&B and hotels – GlobalVision was asked to design and produce over 1,300+ virtual reality masks, with the aim of distributing them as end-of-year gifts to all its business contacts.


The special feature of these masks is that they are not dependent on any particular brand or ecosystem, so that each user can easily use their own phone, without any constraints. What’s more, the mask is a medium-term gift that improves each time the user renews and upgrades their smartphone’s capabilities (screen resolution, processor, sensors, etc.).


The plastic shell that forms the personalised VR mask is divided into two parts. One is the mask itself, with the attachment and adjustment brackets. The other part consists of a removable plastic support on the front. When the user takes out the removable element, they can place their own phone in it. Users are not restricted to a single VR platform, but can explore a wide range of content, including Facebook, Youtube and many other thematic platforms (news, sports, culture, cinema, etc.).


Users can easily find and watch immersive content in 3 DOF (degrees of freedom), whether it’s 360° immersive videos, 3D music videos or even live video clips.

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