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About This Project

Masterplan AR Application for Urban Planning

GlobalVision has completed the Beta release of the breakthrough Masterplan AR application proposed to urban planning agencies and real estate developers. Using our app, one can simply provide a current map of the location and then test various ideas and iterations of urban planning concepts, by placing buildings, public facilities, and various green zones and recreational spaces.

This AR application currently works on all Android mobile devices starting from Android 8.0 version. Users can just open the app, scan the current map and then experience the new planning perspective as they wish to have.

On the masterplan AR, they are able to put 3D buildings, houses, public parks and other landscape and modify them as they like.

master plan AR application

This kind of AR application is suitable for both internal and external use among real estate developers and buyers, as well as public organization in the need of validation of conceptual ideas of urban planning.

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