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Good Manufacturing Practices

Customer: Olam (Pepper division)


Brief summary: Olam is an agri-business company, with activities in over 66 countries. The company supplies food and industrial raw materials to customers worldwide, in addition to iits own line of products. Olam mission is to re-imagine Global Agriculture to grow plants responsibly, in an ethical and sustainable manner to preserve the environment. As such, the company was looking for a efficient and innovative way to train its employees to good manufacturing practices in the agro-business.


Concept: The company wanted to have created a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) video to highlight the safety rules inside the factory and show the rights things to do, for both employees and occasional visitors. This video helps to ensure safety procedures and well-knows to everyone, taking into consideration the risk assessment procedure and also providing a passive training for employees as the video is displayed as a loop on company own CCTV.


Solution: The GlobalVision team undertook the entire process: creating a storyboard, based on company’s own internal safety procedures and GMP guidelines, then went to film on-site directly at the factory, using real facilities and real workers to show the dos and don’ts. The film was consequently edited and superimposed with captions, then finalized and ready for display.


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