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About This Project

UNIGE – Shaping the Future of Education with Virtual Reality


Discover the Université de Genève: Shaping the Future of Education with Virtual Reality

Welcome to the prestigious Université de Genève, renowned for academic excellence and fostering future leaders. Step into the ‘Formation Continue’ event, where virtual reality revolutionizes learning.

GlobalVision was entrusted with the task of transforming the ‘Formation Continue’ event into a futuristic experience. Our team used six VR headsets and a dedicated TV screen to immerse attendees in a live, virtual amphitheatre, led by a pre-recorded avatar.


Impressive Results

Despite the intricacy of the project, our multilingual team flawlessly executed multiple sessions, resulting in a highly satisfied customer and an engaged audience. This innovative approach not only enhanced the learning experience but also showcased the immense potential of virtual reality in educational settings.


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