Education & training in VR

With our corporate training and educational videos, globalvision offers a convenient and scalable solutions for every field of activity. Whether articulated around thematic chapters, or through on-demand modules, our VR trainings are made on purpose to match our customers goals.

Our VR training usually falls in one of the two categories: 360° video trainings and/or 3D VR simulation. Whatever the technical choice, globalvision provides in-house capabilities to craft such tailored experience to match any demands. The VR training can be targeted for mobile displays (Android or iOS phones and tablets) as well as using roomscale VR headsets. Furthermore, our educational and training in VR can be sanctionned by a scoring system, allowing to measure performance and review the impact of the training on each individual.

Our experience in making such apps is unmatched and we can get your project running in a matter of days or weeks, whereas it usually takes months.

If you are looking for a provider capable to create your corporate education, training and information platform, look no further and contact globalvision today for a free consultation.


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The Wyss Center @Campus Biotech

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