Education & training in VR

With the help of applications and experiences for training and coaching employees in VR, companies are finding an easy and effective solution for carrying out in-house training for their employees. Whether it’s through a thematic application, or through chapters on demand and according to a pre-defined training plan, we offer tailor-made VR training to meet our customers’ objectives as closely as possible and within their budget.

Our work generally falls into one of two categories: 360° video training and/or 3D VR simulation.


Using one or other of these two technologies, we show either a filmed, realistic version of the environment, or a 3D simulation, which also allows us to modulate the scenarios and suggest variations in the environment or action settings.


Our projects sometimes combine the two techniques, in particular to accentuate the degree of realism and identification with the spaces represented. In these cases, the experiments are scripted and the user can follow several narrative paths during the simulation, leading to different results.


It is also possible to use rapid 3D prototyping techniques such as photogrammetry or NeRFs to add specific 3D objects to the experiment.

Our experience in creating these apps is second to none, and globalvision is able to deliver a complete project in a matter of days or weeks, where it usually takes months.


If you are looking for a service provider capable of transforming your existing training materials, or if you are looking to create a simulation or training modules for your employees in VR, contact globalvision today for more information.

Our VR training courses are prepared either for a mobile experience (Android and IOs mobiles and tablets), or for a standalone / roomscale experience with the latest VR masks and controllers.


Lastly, our applications can be subjected to a scoring and points control system, which establishes a ranking and makes it possible to define thresholds for passing and validating the training for each person/training module.




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The Wyss Center @Campus Biotech


The Wyss Center @Campus Biotech

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