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About This Project

360° medical video: open-heart surgery


As an integral part of HUG’s 360° immersive video serie, the episode “Open Heart Surgery in 360°” showcases the highly technical and life-saving surgeries performed by Pr Christoph Huber and his doctors team. Immersed within the surgery room, one can see around in full 360° and hear all-around ambisonic sound.


To perform our mission and create such immersive video, GlobalVision team filmed with 360° cameras. Special microphones for ambisonic audio were used to record the doctors and voiceover. All this was then mixed into a compelling video that tells a story, with enough detail, interactivity and immersion.


The “Open Heart Surgery in 360°” was successfully released on HUG website, as well as shown on multiple occasions at events and conventions, using our provided all-in-one VR headsets.


Open heart surgery 360° video:
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