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About This Project

M-3: 360° VR videos and aerial panoramas


M3 is a company active in the real estate, both commercial and residential. Complementing its vision of offering 360° contents of its properties, and harnessing the virtualization capabilities, M3 contracted GlobalVision to deliver a complete 360° coverage of the city of Geneva, Switzerland.


In doing such project, M3 also wanted to go a step further and provide top-quality 360° immersive videos, on top of static 360° panoramas.
Contracting GlobalVision in such a project made it a sure way to have it on rails in no time, and completed in just a matter of weeks with our superior experience.
Completing this project required our team to deploy 360° static panoramas, 360° aerial panoramas capabilities, as well as 360° immersive video filming.


All these footages were later retouched and compiled into a premium, custom-made virtual tour. The virtual tour is fully compatible online with all OS and browsers. It also feature a unique and state of the art WebVR capability, enabling anyone with a VR shell to enjoy a virtual tour of the whole city of Geneva, sponsored by M3 Group.

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