About This Project

Customer: FIPOI (Fondation des Immeubles pour les Organisations Internationales)


Brief summary: The FIPOI has several missions in Geneva, Switzerland such as:

  • advising and assisting Intergovernmental Organisations in the construction of buildings
  • making the CICG center available to these organizations
  • ensuring that the buildings they own are operational


Concept: Capture aerial drone images in Geneva city center, showing the entire skyline of the city, and create a complete location map to locate and identify all of the UN body organizations’ buildings scattered troughout Geneva. GlobalVision suggested both a printed and online version of this, allowing to use the output in a much broader variety of cases, such as on the printed boards, as well as for online presentation and conferences.


Solution: GlobalVision obtained all neccessary authorization from civil aviation authority, clearing the permission for a drone flying in Quarter des Nations, Geneva international district. The breathtaking aerial drone images have then been processed in high-resolution, allowing to create a large format map, showcasing all of the FIPOI and UN buildings like never before. This unique image was revealed at the UN open days 2017, and used many time since that occasion.

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