About This Project

Customer: Pale Night Productions


Brief summary: Pale Night Productions is a haunted house manufacturer which designs, builds and operates haunted attractions and theme parks all over the world.


Concept: Pale Night Productions contacted GlobalVision to obtain a copy of our 360° video app for Android / IOs, in order to create a haunted-house Virtual reality app, featuring synchronized 360° video for multiple headsets, living same experience at exactly the same time.


Solution: The app is based on the product “360° sync video app“, also available publicly and for free on Play Store. The GlobalVision team created a custom version of the app for the customer including their logo and headphone-jack activation button.

Customers willing to design their own version, with custom branding, own 360° video, and have it match with their projects, can contact us to make custom versioning of the app.
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Client project, Product, Virtual Reality, VR 360°
360°, android, animation, application, appstore, playstore, vr
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