About This Project

Technical video about urbanization for DALE


Customer: DALE (Département de l’Aménagement, du Logement et de l’Energie)


Brief summary: Pursuant to recent changes in government policy related to land development and urbanization, the MIP (Modelisation Informatique du Paysage) group was mandated to create a video about territorial changes and urbanization, highlighting the future projects with digital models and 3D CGI. The visualization is useful for the projects themselves, for the decision-makers and for the inhabitants. More than just an image, the digital model becomes a communication, a consultation and a decision tool.


Concept: For the DALE, department in charge of urbanization) and in association with the HEPIA school, GlobalVision contributed to create a video production representing all the projects.


Solution: With a large collection of images and business expertise about drone filming and aerial views, GlobalVision contributes to the creation of this film providing all the 360° aerial images used in the video.


Watch the video of the project:

[video src="https://mip.hesge.ch/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Film_DALE_1920x1080.mp4" /]

360° aerial, 360° video, Aerial image / drone, Aerial video, Client project, Real Estate, video
360°, drone, geneva, switzerland, video
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