About This Project


The Wyss Center offers resources and expertise to accelerate progress from neuroscience research to clinical solutions. It is located inside Campus Biotech at the heart of Geneva, Switzerland.



In order to represent itself more openly, it requested GlobalVision to capture 360° photo and make a virtual tour online available 24/7. Also it was asked that this tour offers best-in-class technologies to make the most out of one single 360° panorama.


Concept & Solution

The project has various outputs from one single 360 image: regular 360° virtual tour, webVR to use it with Google cardboard, webGL to manipulate 3D model, VR-experience roomscale.

The new immersive virtual reality experience will also be on show – offering visitors a chance to take a virtual tour through the Campus Biotech clean room and even try their hand at making their own flexible brain probes.

Project was already shown in both Washington DC, USA and Geneva, Switzerland.

Visit Wyss Center @ Campus Biotech:
360° virtual tour

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