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Drone Mapping

Customer: Meyrin Public Housing Authority


Brief summary: As a major public construction project, 1500+ flats are being built on a public terrain, hence, the public housing authority sought for a way to 1) update the existing public maps online 2) monitor the monthly progress on construction 3) get accurate 3D models for volumetric measurements.



Concept: Using its professional drone expertise, GlobalVision aerial team proposed a complete solution allowing to capture various types of images at once, hence reducing the administrative burden in the coordination with civil aviation authorities and required coordinated with the Geneva International Airport (IATA code: GVA) located less than 1km away.



Solution: The drone flights has been pre-authorized on a monthly basis by civil aviation authorities, and timeslots pre-booked in a period, with possible postponing in case of bad weather and/or low-visibility. Once flights have been performed, GlobalVision team applies the 3D photogrammetric processing with an accuracy of up to 3cm/pixel. The created map is sent over to the coordinator in charge, in both JPG and GeoTIFF formats. Additionally, an online map is created and updated monthly, for easy access and review by authorities and stakeholders.


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3D, Aerial image / drone, Client project, Orthophoto / DEM / Photogrammetry, Real Estate, Technical assignment
drone, geneva, orthophoto, switzerland
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