3D, Augmented Reality (AR), Client project, Creative brief, VR 360°
3d, augmented reality, lowpoly, quizz, safety, training, transport, virtual reality
About This Project

AR training for safety and regulation


For a large international organization, active in the transportation field, GlobalVision enables proof-of-concept Tools to advocate for a larger acceptance of Augmented Reality (AR) as part of virtual training series.


Using the existing printed communication and educational mix, GlobalVision transformed the training to make it all “mixed reality training”. Merging augmented- and virtual-reality, we gave way to a new type of training, where printed matters complement the digital displays.


Our team created all 3D elements, models and terrains, to make it a unique look and feel to the VR/AR app. All along the creative process, the client could give inputs, review progresses and track versions.


The AR/VR training application has different modules, allowing to learn more about rules and régulations in the field, another dedicated to learning main parts of vehicles, and yet another to showcase technical elements for safety and repair. Finally, all of the experience is summed up in an interactive quizz, to verify the knowledge and understanding of the learnings to the trainees.


Using AR and VR the Organization was able to keep ahead of the curve, while offering a very welcome tool to evaluate a broader move into the digital realm when it comes to training new staff. GlobalVision is proud to have been selected for such a high-profile project, and looks forward for the public release of the app within 2019.

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