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About This Project

Geneva University Hospital (HUG)

Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) is the largest university hospital in Switzerland and one of the biggest one in Europe. The hospitals are located across the canton of Geneva, Switzerland. GlobalVision is honoured to collaborate with HUG for many years to create various 360° images, immersive videos and virtual tours. This year, Geneva University Hospitals introduce the GIBOR project, a ground-breaking improvement in patient care. The platform includes an operating room and a rhythm room paired with an MRI imaging room. Therefore, HUG requested GlobalVision to create a 360° medical virtual tour for promoting these latest facilities.

360° Medical VR

360° Medical VR

GlobalVision presented the GIBOR project through a 360° virtual tour that showcases all functional rooms, medical equipment and machinery. As the result, users can virtually tour around the facilities and learn more about it all be it cardiology, to radio room, Radiology Control Room,  or Surgery Room and Surgery Control Room. As there are plenty of information displayed on the 360° tour and hotspots, visitors can get all details about the GIBOR project. This virtual tour really helped HUG gain a lot of public awareness related to GIBOR project since they launched, by presenting at events and on its official digital communication channels.


For their patients, the virtual tour brings out not only an overview of the GIBOR project but also has a positive impact on patient anxiety. This medical VR tour is currently live on official website of HUG  as it can be viewed in all browsers.


The 360° virtual tour also supports VR mode function. For those who want to immerse into the 360° virtual tour of GIBOR project, they can try on VR headsets. The latest all-in-one VR gears for viewing this platform can be Oculus Go or Oculus Quest.


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