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About This Project

STEP Villette 360°


The 360° hybrid virtual tour created by GlobalVision enables an unusual visit at the Water Treatment Plant (STEP) in Villette, operated by the Services Industriels de Genève (SIG). This facility helps to process used water, and altough it has been active since 1962, it is currently under construction and renovation in order to increase its capacity and level up its capabilities for the micro-polluting particles treatment.


Choosing to showcase their facility with a 360° online visit, the STEP Villette offers a platform opened 24/7 of a new kind. The hybrid nature of the 360° tour, allows to embed interviews of key people, engineers, operations director, to explain the specific aspects of the plan. It is exactly like a real guided tour, but in a digital and interactive way.


Creating a 360° virtual tour guarantees the safety on site, while enabling privileged access to visitors and all interested parties, offering them a complete resource to visit the site, get more information on the premises, and details on its functional principles.


Click on the link below to visit the special page dedicated to STEP Villette, or access directly the 360° virtual tour.

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