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About This Project

Delivering Seamless Virtual Conference Support for the Future of Work Summit


Introducing TASC Platform: Shaping the Future of Work Together


Discover the TASC Platform, a leading organization driving collaboration and innovation for the future of work. Through partnerships with businesses, governments, civil society, and research institutions, they curate insights and incubate initiatives, working towards a positive future of work for all.


Our Role in the Future of Work Summit

At GlobalVision, we were proud to provide comprehensive virtual conference support for the TASC Platform’s Future of Work Summit 2023. From pre-event planning to seamless live operations, our dedicated multilingual team expertly managed multiple sessions, each addressing key aspects of the future of work. Additionally, we captured the event’s essence in a post-event video, offering a valuable resource for participants.


Impact and Results

Our support contributed to a successful summit, receiving positive feedback from both attendees and the TASC Platform. By facilitating discussions on social justice, fair transitions, and the impact of AI, we actively influenced the future of work dialogue.


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